Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12.31.13 - Finally back to the steel

Gashed my left index and middle fingers right at the bend of the knuckle when a bowl shattered on Thanksgiving. That is what I get for trying to catch a ceramic bowl while it is falling.

RESET breathing to speed up heart as it was freaking cold in the garage.

Deep Intu-Flow session

5x5 Session - except for CB swings - 10 reps for that one
DBL KB MP - 24kgs
Barbell row - 225#
DBL CB swings to head - 25#s
Goblet squats - 32kg - ATG - working the side to side at bottom of each rep

Drillbit - 60s
Down/Up dog - 30s/30s
sleep warrior/rabbit - 30s/30s
neck/shoulder roll - 30sL/R
seated twist - 30sL/R
floor scorpion - 30sL/R


I played basketball with Shane at Wildcat Sports and Fitness for 1 hr each day.