Saturday, December 31, 2011

12.31.11 Day 2 low intensity #tacfit #akla #kenpo

Stress Conversion Short Form 1 both sides Blocking set 1 Finger set 1 - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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Friday, December 30, 2011

12.30.11 - Day 1 - No Intensity #tacfit #fitness #4x7

Started proper 4x7 of TacFit Barbarian/King of Clubs. I will be alternating the Mod Days between TBAR/TKOC and using TacFit Commando for High days. On Low Days I will be including Kenpo Forms. Starting on 1/1/12, I will be doing all Kenpo Techniques that correspond to that day, including learning new techniques for 2nd Brown Belt. As I get some of my speed and sharpness back, I will up load some videos to YouTube to track progress. Heavy bag work will be done on Mod Day. I am also coming off the the warrior diet, since it isn't working for me anymore. i have started logging my food intake again on my food journal.

Day 1
No Intensity

Strain Prevention

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

12.28.11 - tonight's session #fitness #TacFit #KingOfClubs #Kenpo


TacFit KOC - Delta level - I really need a Brusier Jr. The Bruiser is a little heavy for all 90s and the 25 is too light. First round all Bruiser, second round used both Bruiser and the 25.

Atlas yoga

Worked on my side splits and stretching. Looked over last 12 techniques of orange while stretching.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

12/20/11 - TBAR & Kenpo #Kenpo #TacFit #AKLA

AM - Kurz kick stretches

PM - Mod Day
Strain Prevention

TBAR - Level 1 - 4 rounds as prescribed

Dbl KB rows - 32s - 5X5


All of Yellow belt techniques, Blocking Set 1, & short Form 1 - Right side only

first 12 techniques of Orange belt, short form 1 both sides

Kicks on heavy bag
Front snap kick - 10L/R
Rear Front Thrust kick - 10/L/R
Wheel Kick - 10L/R
Lead round house - drag-step - 10L/R
Rear round house - 10L/R
Inward Crescent - 10L/R - rear leg
Outward Crescent - 10L/R - rear leg
Lead snapping side - 10L/R
Lead thrusting side - 10L/R
lead hook kick - drag-step - 10L/R

Spinal rocks - 15 reps

Kurz weighted lying leg exercises


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Monday, December 19, 2011

12.19.11 -TBAR - Low Day - Kenpo/TKD #TacFit #kenpo #AKLA #ATA

Low Intensity

Stress Conversion

Atlas Yoga

Steven - Yellow Short Form 1
Me - Oranage Short Form 1 both sides
Both Blocking set 1

Shane did his first form - both Fluid and static
Some punch and kick drills

Tomorrow for Mod day back to TBAR Level 1

Sunday, December 18, 2011

12.18.11 - Kenpo and TKD #kenpo #tkd #AKLA #ATA

Strain Prevention

Worked with Shane on his TKD form and punches/kicks

Short form 1 both sides - Orange Belt
worked on the following techniques - review
Clutching feathers
Triggered Salute
Dance of Death

Kicks on heavy bag.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Thursday, December 15, 2011

TacFit Barbarian - New Program from Scott Sonnon

TacFit Barbarian

I bought this new program today and tried it tonight. This is really good. The program consists of the following:

Tacfit Barbarian - Parallelette training based on the 4 day wave. Instructional and follow along videos in mp4 and mpv

TacFit King of Clubs - 4 day wave of Clubbell training Instructional and follow along videos in mp4 and mpv


28 day Primal diet book

Atlas yoga - a quick 5 minute yoga cool down

Strain Prevention and Stress conversion - from TacFit Warrior

Accelerator and Drift from TacFit Mass Assault

Furnance Zero from KB Spetsnaz

And from the fault - Maximology Manual  and Freedom of degree

Again this is a great addition to the TacFit family! This program will help strength athletes and martial artists alike. Just another quality product I added to my TacFit collection

Get yours below

TacFit Barbarian

12.15.11 - TacFit Barbarian and Kenpo #TacFit #Kenpo #AKLA

Strain Prevention

TacFit Barbarian (TBAR) - I bought this package today. An awesome deal. Check it out TacFit Barbarian

TBAR - Level 1 Instructional - Steven and I did this. Really nice to finally really use the parallelettes that i built last year. just on level one, this looks like a real challenge for real arm, shoulder and core strength. I plan on getting some more ABS pipe tomorrow to make another set of high parallelettes and 2 smaller sets.

Reviewed and taught Steven all of yellow belt
I also did the first 3 from Orange belt. I plan on actually posting a video of me doing Yellow on my Youtube to so i can see from the third person on my progress. I am real rusty.


Atlas Yoga

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12-14-11 - Kettlebells and Kenpo #kenpo #ATA #AKLA #KB


Dbl KB C&P - 1x5 - 2x24kg, 2x4 - 2x32kg
Alt. KB Rows 3x5l/r - 2x32kg

Wall squats - 2.5 mins
Some old Health for Life leg exercise
Side kick wall holds - 30s each leg


Went over some stuff with Steven
Short form one
Delayed Sword
Alternating Maces
Sword of Destruction
Neutral bow
Forward bow

With Shane some of the blocks and strikes from his ATA TKD class

Stretching - RIS stuff


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12.13.11 - Kenpo - Yellow belt review #Kenpo #AKLA


Kick Stretches

5 step horse stance - went old school and held for half of Power by Snap while doing Blocking Set 1 and Finger Set 1.

Yellow belt Techniques 10x each
Delayed Sword
Alternating Maces
Sword of Destruction
Deflecting Hammer
Captured Twigs
The Grasp of Death
Checking the Storm
Mace of Aggression
Attacking Mace
Sword and Hammer

Short Form 1 Both Sides

Kicks - 10 reps L/R
Front Snap Kick
Rear Snap Kick
Side Snap Kick
Wheel Kick
Side Thrust Kick
Roundhouse  Used Drag Step

stretching - used Relax into Stretch by Pavel (RIS)


Monday, December 12, 2011

12.12.11 - KBs and Kenpo/TKD


Tom Kurz' Kick Stretches

C&P - Ladders - 32kg - 3x1,2,3,4,5
Dbl Kb row - Ladders - 2x32kg - 3x1,2,3,4,5

Short Form 1 both sides

punches with Shane and Steven with focus mitts



12.11.11 - set up basement

I laid down all 1/2 in. matts after clearing out one half of the basement. I then arranged all the KBs and stuff in a way that we have plenty of room for forms while steven and I practice Kenpo an d Shane does his TKD. The only thing left is to fill up the base of my free standing wave bag

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12.10.11 - moved everything inside

I moved all KBs, CBs, matts, medicine ball, paraellettes, ropes and gymnastic matts into basement

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12.8.11 - Kenpo


American Kenpo kick and strikes on heavy bag

Worked with both Steven and Shane on Kenpo and TKD



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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12-7-11 - grinds


C&P ladders - 32kg - 4x1,2,3,4,5 L/R

Dbl row ladders - 2x32kg - 4x1,2,3,4,5 L/R

A1. roman chair sit-ups - 2x25
A2. dbl kb side bends - 2x32kg - 2x5 L/R


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12/6/11 - American Kenpo


First 4 techniques x 10 - yellow belt

Back fist 2x10 l/r
Rear snap punch 2x10l/r
Combo back fist/rear snap/lead hook 2x10 l/r

Front kicks - front leg/ rear leg - 2x10 l/r each


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Monday, December 5, 2011

12.5.11 - Light Grinds


C&P Ladders - 32kg - 3x1,2,3,4,5
dbl kb row ladders - 2x32kgs - 3x1,2,3,4,5


The volume is really helping my shoulders. Just have to remember to continue with the extended table or my shoulders will be tight again!

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Location:Queens Park Ave,Mayfield Heights,United States

12.3.11 - grinds - heavy


C&P Ladders - 32kg - 5x1,2,3,4

Dbl Kb Row Ladders -2x32kgs - 5x1,2,3,4