Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12 - Basics

Steven and my session for today


OA KB Swings - 10/10 on the minute for 12 mins

6x10/10 with 32kg

6x10/10 with 24kg


Monday, July 23, 2012

7.23.12 - heating up with KB Snatches

Scorcher in Louisville today. Left my bells in the sun, actually burned my hands while doing snatches today.


KB Snatches - 5x10/10 w/24kg - haven't done this in awhile felt reall, really great!

7.22.12 - KBs in the Louisville heat


A1, Dbl C&P - 3x8 -w/24kgs

A2. Renegade Rows - 3x5/5 - w/24kgs

B1. Dbl. kb front squats - 3x5 w/24kgs

B2. dbl kb swings - 3x5 - w/24kgs

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12 - KBs - Five Pillar training


A1. Dbl C&P - 3x5 w/32kgs

A2. Dbl rows - 3x5 w/32kgs

B1. Dbl KB Front Squats - 3x4 w/32kgs

B2. Dbl KB swings - 3x5 w/32kgs

C1. Dbl KB side bends - 3x5/5 w/32kgs

7/17/12 - Shane's Green Belt Test

Worked late, just barely made it to Shane's test. He passed with flying colors. His form looked sharp. Sparring was kick ass.

7/16/12 - Bodyweight


Push-ups - 5x10

Trinity Squats - 5x10

Worked with Shane on his TKD form

Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to Build a XenDesktop Farm Using a CloudFormation Template – Video demonstration

How to Build a XenDesktop Farm Using a CloudFormation Template – Video demonstration: By Paul Wilson Peter Bats and I recently released a blog and associated whitepaper titled “Jumpstarting your XenDesktop Farm in AWS with a CloudFormation Template” in which we introduced a CloudFormation template that can be used to create a small XenDesktop farm for hosted shared desktops.  At the end of the blog, we promised to record a video demonstrating how to use the AWS CloudFormation…
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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/11/12 - KB session


Dbl Kb C&P - 3x5 w/32kgs

OA KB rows - 3x5/5 w/40kg

dbl kb front squats - 3x5 w/32kgs

dbl kb swings - 3x10 w/24kgs


I had planned on using the 40kg fro presses, but shoulder wasn't feeling that great so stuck with the 32kg

Monday, July 9, 2012

7.9.12 - Mahler inspired session


Dbl KB MP presses - 3x5 w/32kgs. Also did 1L/1R w/40kg - this is the first time since i hurt my shoulder in June 2011. Nice suprise.

KB rows - 3x5/5 - 40kg

Kickstand lunges - 3x5/5 with 32kgs 


Then took Shane in the basement to do some of his Songahm TKD and some bodyweight exercises

Saturday, July 7, 2012

7.7.12 - KB & TaeBo


dbl Kb Mp - 3x10 w/24kgs

alt Kb rows - 3x10 - w/24kgs - 1L+1R = 1 rep

TaeBo - Billy's Boot Camp - Basic training - 1/2 the vido - 30 minutes. I broke out this 2004 video from a box in the attic.


The gargae was over 100 degrees so it was alittle hot.


Well slowly getting back in the grrove - 4 sessions this week.

7.4.12 - KB 5x5


Dbl. KB MP - 3x5 w/24kgs, 2x5 w/32kgs

Dbl KB rows - 5x5 w/32kgs

Kb Clean + Front Squats - 5x5 w/24kgs

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Taebo - Again

Yesterday was in the house. Today I went out to the garage gym in the heat. With the soreness and the heat i only made 45 mins. I am soaking wet with sweat. 

Rinse and repeat the rest of the week.