Sunday, January 31, 2010

1.31.10 - Day 20 - 4x7 - High Intensity

Intu-Flow Warm-up

High Intensity
6 rounds of the following - 3R/3L - 25# CB used for Shield Casts
Single Shield Cast Side Lunge - 1:00
Lateral Shuffle - 1:30

CTBB - Prasara Recovery - once

There are no free rides, but…

Hey All,


I was just tipped
off about an exciting event, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Okay, “tipped off”
isn’t exactly the right term…

I was sitting down
to dinner when this guy sorta materialized from behind my sofa. He must have
been a secret agent or something. He knew everything about my fitness training,
what I ate, and even what brand of bathroom tissue I use.

I don’t remember his
face because I spent the entire time staring at his arms. The guy was
absolutely shredded, and I knew it wasn’t all “puff”— he coulda torn my legs
off before I said “pardon me”!

After grabbing me by
the lapel and whispering something about “operational security,” this is what
he told me…

For the next few
days my good friends and tactical fitness “gurus” Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock
are giving away their brand new “Israeli Special Forces TACFIT Challenge”
exclusive workout for F.REE.

The entire program
is bodyweight-only and can be completed in about the same amount of space you’d
need to lie down in.

It only takes 20
minutes, but it’s endowed with an intensity and fat melting power most athletes
don’t tap in a full hour of training.

Coolest of all, it
doesn’t just include Mission Impossible style moves. It also focuses on the
energy systems involved in tactical response. Training that burst-recover-burst
with complex movements means you’ll keep thinking and improvising solutions while
everyone else is gasping on the floor in a panicked mental shutdown.

There’s no catch and
no credit card. Just flat out amazing information about what it takes to sculpt
a shredded, functional commando physique that looks great on the beach but is
also serious “go muscle”—not just “show muscle”

Download your
complimentary gift at:


This offer will only
be available for a couple days, so if you want to get your hands on this
information for F.REE, visit the site right now. The link again is:
<——- F.REE Download


Grab it and start
training before that commando guy pops up from behind YOUR sofa.

And if he does,
don’t say I didn’t warn ya…

Talk to you soon,



PS You may want to
visit their site just to watch the cool video…



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1.27.10 - day 16 - 4x7 - High Intensity

Intu-flow warm up

High Intensity
16 rounds of the following
Shoulder park Squats - 15s - 25# - 8 sets L/R
Trinity Squats - 30s - I narrowed my stance which felt better, but is harder

Dbl CB swings - 3x20 - 25s

CTBB Prasara recovery flow

1.26.10 - Day 15 - 4x7 - Moderate Intensity

Intu-Flow Warm up

Moderate Intensity
6 rounds of the following - 3R/3L - 25# CB used for Shield Casts
Single Shield Cast Side Lunge - 1:00
Lateral Shuffle - 1:30

C&P ladder - 40kg - 1x1,2,3 - Just trying to get the feel back
BB rows on 8" block - 225# 2x5

Gamma cast to front lever(Barbarian) - 25# CB - 2x10

Prasara Recovery from CTBB

Saturday, January 23, 2010

1.23.10 - Day 12 - 4x7 - High Intensity

Intu-Flow Warm up

High Intensity
6 rounds of the following - 3R/3L - 25# CB used for Shield Casts
Single Shield Cast Side Lunge - 1:00
Lateral Shuffle - 1:30

Prasara Recovery from CTBB

Received my Prasara Series A DVD today. Watched the 5 flows. Worked on the first parts of the Forest Flow - I need more work than i thought.

Friday, January 22, 2010

1.22.10 - Day 11 - 4x7 - Moderate Intensity

Intu-Flow warm up

Modrate Intensity
16 rounds of the following
Shoulder Park Squats(SPS) - 15s  - used dbl 25s for first 8, then a 25 for 4R/L for last 8
Trinity squats - 30s

Some supplement work with my new 25s - Awesome in a word!
Dbl Swipes - 25s - 3x10
Alt Mills - 25 - 1x10/10, 2x5/5
Hammer Swings - 25 - 1x20 - 10CCW, 10CW

CTBB - Prasara Recovery Flow - 1x through

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1.19.10 - Day 8 - 4x7 - High Intensity

Intu-Flow warm up

High Intensity
16 rounds of the following
Dbl Shoulder Park Squats(SPS) - 15s  - used dbl 15s
Trinity squats - 30s

CTBB - Prasara Recovery Flow - 1x through

I ordered my pair of 25s today.. I can't wait until they get here

Friday, January 15, 2010

1.15.10 - Day 4 - 4x7 - High Intensity

Intu-Flow warm up

High Intensity
6 rounds of the following - 3R/3L - 15# CB used for Shield Casts
Single Shield Cast Side Lunge - 1:00
Lateral Shuffle - 1:30

CTBB Prasara Recovery Flow - 1x through

Thursday, January 14, 2010

1.14.10 - Day 3 - 4x7 - Moderate Instensity

Intu-Flow warm up

16 rounds of the following
Shoulder Park Squats(SPS) - 15s - first 8 rounds dbl 15#s, last 8, 4l/r with one 15 - Needed to keep heart rate down
Trinity squats - 30s

CTBB - Prasara Recovery Flow - 1x through

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

1.12.10 - Day 1 - 4x7 - No Intensity

Intu-Flow Recovery from CTBB

I was going to wait until I got my 25# clubs, but decide to go ahead and start. I am starting with the HIIT 4x7 for a fat loss cycle.

Monday, January 11, 2010

1.11.10 - Monday - Session

Intu-Flow warm up

Density Cycle - I decided to try for a full 100 reps. I didn't make it. My hands were cramping badly, I think it had to do with my concrete clubs being real cold. They fely heavy again. i can't wait until the 25#s are back in stock!
Alt Mills - 1x50/50, 2x25/25 - 15#s

A1. Forward Pressure - beginner Flow
A2. Spinal rocks to Butterfly - 10 reps
Completed 3 times

CTBB Prasara Recovery with extra Shinbox added in

Sunday, January 10, 2010

1.10.10 - shovel day part 2

Intu-flow warm up

12:30 - 2:00 pm - My oldest and I worked on the back half of the drive...We made progess but there is a lot of ice..I need to replace the shear pin on my blower, one side isn't enough

Insulated more of the garage..Man it is cold out there..

Intu-flow - Full recovery from TCBBB

KB Foundation Prasara compensation follow along

I feel much better now

1.9.10 - Shove day part 1

Intu-flow warm up

I had phone conferences @ 9:00 am and 12:00 pm for a major go live at work.

1:00 pm - 3:30 pm - plowed shoveled snow and ice from front porch to road.

My youngest son's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. A fun time!

That was it

Friday, January 8, 2010

1.8.10 - Friday _ Density Cycle - Dbl Swipes

Intu-Flow warm up

Density Cycle
Dbl Swipes - 1x100 - homemade CBs felt heavy today. I don't know if it is do to the real cold weather or not. They are plastic and filled with concrete.

Forward Pressure - 4 beginner flows

neck rolls
sleeping warrior to down dog to up dog
kneeling side bend
seal walk
shin box switches

Thursday, January 7, 2010

1.7.10 - Thursady - Density Cycle - Hammer Swings

Intu-Flow warm up - TCBBB

Density Cycle
Hammer swings - 15# - 1x100 - 50CW, 50CCW

Circuit - 1 min between rounds - 2 rounds
30s - DBL KB MP - 24kgs
30s - inverted rows
30s R/L - prisoner Bulgarian split squats (rear foot elevated)
30s - dbl CB swings - 15#s
30s CB sit up & press - 15#

Forward Pressure - 4 rounds of beginner flow

Prasara recovery from TCBBB

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1.5.10 - Tuesday - Density Cycle - Alt Mills

Intu-Flow warm up

Density cycle
Alt Mills - 8x14/14 in 9 minutes - a little worse that last week

Forward Pressure - beginner 4, intermediate 1 - not ready for this quite yet

FlowFit  - level 2 - 4 flows

KB foundation Prasara - took it easy today I have some DOMS for all the poses, nothing major just feel it especially in my thoracic region.

Monday, January 4, 2010

1.4.09 - Monday - Density Cycle

TCBBB - Intu-Flow warm-up - I need this, the garage was really cold

Density Cycle
Dbl Swipes - 1x100 - 15s

Forward Pressure - Beginner flow -  5 times - still needs work, but better

KB Foundation Prasara Recovery
Neck rolls
sleeping warrior
down dog
seal walk
kneeling side bend
ground scorpion
forward fold
shinbox switches


Sunday, January 3, 2010

1.3.09 - Sunday

I had a big session planned, however Cleveland is getting hit with alot of snow. I had to get the driveway clean. It has been 1 hr after i did that and the tips of my fingers are still tender..

So, all I did is Intu-Flow. Anyway, Forward Pressure and TCBBB Prasara has left me with some DOMS today..

Ok, after a warm bath, my fingers felt better

Forward Pressure - Beginner Flow - 5 times

TCBBB Prasara recovery

It is back to work for me tomorrow after my 2 week vacation.. Everything will go back to normal. I will start posting on my food journal again...

Have a good night

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1.2.10 - More Prasara

Intu-Flow warm-up from TCBBB

Forward Pressure -
worked on all 7 exercises - quad ellipses, down dog press, up dog press, swinging plank press, screwing press, quad hop & hopping crow
I watched the beginner flow 4 times, doing it the final 3 times - my flow is a little jagged but it will get better:)

Parsara Recovery from the TCBBB - followed along with Adam

I worked on shinbox switches - keeping my heels down - 5 switches each side

1.1.10 - No intensity


Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year end review

Over all 2009 was a good year for training.. I weigh the same now that i did in Jan. '09 but in smaller clothes. I contribute that to all the double KB stuff that I was doing for most of the year. My two biggest goals of last year were missed. The goals were to one complete ladder with the 40kg L/R and press the 48kg once L/R. Things were looking good around summer. My strength was increasing. Then I did a 5x1,2,3,4 with the 40kg, then the next session, I couldn't press the 20kg with my left arm. I decided to change focus. I started diving more into Scott Sonnon's/RMAX materials. I owned some of his material and switched from Z-Health to Intu-Flow earlier in the year. So I dusted off my home made clubbells an started using them as the main focus of my training about the last quarter of the year. I still use KBs, but as a support roll(I still through around the dbl 32kgs). The last week in November, I was able to press the 40kg L/R again, only once though..

Going into 2010, my focus will be on getting in better cardiovascular condition. I neglected high rep sets of snatches and swings in favor of the doubles. I have posted my wish list and goals on this site. As you can see it is Clubbell and RMAX focused. The hardest part for me is going to the Prasara yoga. I really have a lot of work to do in that area. My KB work will be in the form of hybrid circuits and maybe some integration into my 4x7 cycles on medium and heavy days. The circuit will be in the TacFit format similar to the one i did Wednesday night. As I progres, rounds will be added.

That is all for now... Happy New Year