Monday, June 30, 2008

So so session today

After throwing football yesterday, my shoulder is sore or tender how ever you want to call it. I applied Tiger balm this morning, and by training time it felt better. I applied some more and headed out to the garage. I did the following

Halo 5/5

A1. Double MP 5x4 32s - I just didn't feel the 5th rep on any set so I stuck with 4 reps

A2. Alt RR 5x5 32s

B1. Double FS 5x5 32s

B2. Double swings 5x5 32s

Double Windmills 2x5/5 24s

Some stretches


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Got together with Matt for some fun today

Matt and I meet at a park for a little training and discussion.

My active rest day

Double fs 1x5 32s

Dead snatches 1x5/5 32

Full body attack 1x3 32s

Double Shield casts 2x5

Mills 2x10/10

Double swipes 1x10

It was Matt's grind day so he did more sets than I did. His conditioning has changed drastically since the last time we had trained, before he hurt his RC.

We discussed how each others training was going and about his preparation for the upcoming Sept RKC (he is going to smoke it IMHO).

We then played some football with our boys. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Be sure to keep up with his progress at

My last week of 5x5 starts tomorrow. I can't wait to push it to see if i can do FS with the 32s all week.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rob Zombie and Kettlebells

Started my session by jamming to Past, Present, & future CD. It is a great album. If you like metal, I highly recommend it.

A1. Seated MP 5x5/5

A2. RR 5x5

B1. Double FS 5x5

B2. Double swings 5x5 I was actually getting to eye level on all sets today. My hip snap must be improving.

TGU 2x5/5

All done with the 24s!

I have been really concentrating on reverse power breathing this week. I feel that I was having a leaking problem, but it was really better this week.

That is it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Active rest


Alt Shield Cast 3x5

Mills 2x10

Double Swipes 2x10

Double shoulder cast 2x5

RKC Arm Bar 2x3

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally got double 32 FS 5x5

A1. Double Floor Press 32s

A2. Double Bent Rows 32s

B1 Double FS 32s

B2 Double Snatches 24s

Double Windmills 24s 2x5/5

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CB and Z

Shoulder mobility

Alt head casts 2x5

Double shoulder cast 2x5

Alt Shield Casts 2x5

Double pendulum 2x5/5

R Phase

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tonight's 5x5 Medium session

This was supposed to be my heavy day, I wasn't feeling it so I switched to medium.

A1. Double MP 24s 5x5
A2. Alt RR 24s 5x5

B1 Double FS 24s 5x5
B2 Double swings 24s 5x5

Double windmill 24s 1x5/5 Right groin muscle was aching so i switched to Single windmill
Windmill 20kg 1x5/5

Tactical Frog and some stretches

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight's 5x5 and a Snatch PR

A1. Seated MP 20kg 5x5

A2. RR 24s 5x5

B1. Double FS 20kg and 10/20 lbs KBs 5x5

B2. Double swing 24s 5x5

Double Windmills 24s 2x5/5

I felt real good afterwards so I threw on some Rob Zombie I thought I'd try some snatches. i haven't been doing any high rep snatches for awhile. So I proceeded to get 28L/28R. That is a PR for me. I still need to get 37/37. These new workouts have been working.

I will be modifying my workouts after speaking with my buddy Dave Randolph. i will be going heavy on Monday, Medium on wednesday, and light of Friday. I need to get another 20kg so i can have doubles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A humbling session

A1. Double Floor Press 5x5 32s

A2. Double Bent Row 5x5 32s

B1. Double front squats 2x5, 3x4 32s - I improved over Mondays session, but not good enough!

B2. Double Snatches 5x5 24s - My groove was much better than last weeks

TGU 1x5/4 with 32, 1x5/5 with 24 - On the set with the 32, I had to use rest-pause for reps 3,4,&5.

This was very humbling since I have failed the last 2 workouts to get 5x5 with 32s on the FS. I am really baffled by the TGUs. During my time with the program minimum, I was able to go 5 min switching side each rep with both the 24 and the 32. But trying to do sets of 5 has just proved what I had been thinking for a while, my strength-endurance is my weak point. After I finish up the last 2 weeks of this program, I will be focusing on strength-endurance for 4 weeks.

Last night

Shoulder Mobility

Overhead Shrugs 3x10

Scapula pulls 3x5

RKC arm bar 2x3/3

Some Z mostly shoulder, hips and thoracic

Some stretching

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tonight's session

I was supposed to do 5x5, but ran into to some limitations on some of the lifts with the 32s

A1. Double MP- Last 2 sets were only 4 reps

A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS- Last 4 sets were 4 reps

B2 Double swings

Double windmills 2x5/5 24s

I will rest longer between exercises next session.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day


Alternating Shield casts 3x6

Mills 2x10

Alternating Head casts 2x6

Double Swipes 2x10

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today's 5x5 session

A1. Seated MP- first 3 sets L,R last 2 double

A2. RR

B1. Double FS

B2. Double swings

Double Windmills 2x5/5

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Active rest

Mills 3x10/10

Double Swipes 3x10

Shoulder mobility

Over head shrugs 3x10

Scapula pulls 3x5

Wall slides 2x5

No Z today

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's 5x5 session

A1. Double Floor Press
A2. Double rows

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Snatches- First 2 sets were rough,than i found my groove

TGU 2x5R,L

Do A1, 1 min rest, then A2, 1 min rest, repeat for all 5 sets. Repeat for B1 and B2. On TGU, do 1x5/5 rest 2 min then repeat. I used the 24s

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Z, Clubbells, and Shoulder Mobility

Clubbells - 15s

Alternating Shield Casts 3x5

Alternating Head Casts 3x5

Double Shoulder casts 3x5

Double pendulum 2x5L,R

Double Arm Pit cast 3x5

Shoulder Mobility

RKC Arm Bar 2x3R,L 20kg

Scapula pulls 3x5 with purple JS Band

Off to do R Phase now

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tonights 5x5 session

A1.Double MP

A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS

B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l

Complete A section before moving to B section. I used the 24s

Starting 5x5 program for the next 4 weeks


A1.Double MP
A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l


A1. Double Floor Press
A2. Double rows

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Snatches

TGU 2x5R,L


A1. Seated MP
A2. RR

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Shoulder Mobility

Clubbells as active rest

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today's session

PHA Circuit

Double C&P 5

Double rows 6

Double Front squats 10

Double swings 8

Sit ups 5

minimal rest between exercises, 1 min rest between rounds. Completed 5 rounds. Used 24s

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Clubbells as active rest

Alternating Shield Casts 3x6

Double Arm Pit Cast 3x6

Double Pendulum 2x6L,R

Barbarian Squats 1x5

Mills 3x10R,L

RKC Armbar 2x3R,L

I really think by doing the clubbells the last 4 weeks has increased my flexibility and strength. I plan on doing more of these and expanding the exercises and sets.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Explosive Day

Explosive Circuit

Explosive Squats Shrugs 3

Snatch Front Raise 3R,L

Split Jerk 3R,L

Full Body Defense

One Arm Stomp Snatch 3R,L

Rest 1 minutes between each exercise. Completed 5 rounds. I used 32(s)kg for all except Snatch Front Raises 24kg (I have never done them before). I really feel good after this....


I needed a rest, so I skipped the clubbells yesterday. This morning I feel very refreshed!

Monday, June 2, 2008

HOC Today

HOC 32s for Suitcase Squats, 24kg for others

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Snatch 10 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Push Press 10 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Swings 10 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

Two Arm Swing 10

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

Explosive push up 15 reps

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Swings 10 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Push Press 5 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Snatch 5 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

One arm Swings 10 L,R

One Minute Rest

10 Suitcase Squats

Jumping Jacks 30 reps

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day of rest and strecthing

I smoked some ribs and hamburgers and hot dogs today. We had a great family dinner. It was great. Later on i did the following:

Arm bars 8kg 2x5L,R

Practiced 1 arm Overhead Squats 8kg 2x5L,R

Hip Flexor stretches 2 sets L,R as far as i could go.