Wednesday, December 31, 2008

12/31/08 Ladders

JM- KB warm-up

dbl C&P/Alt RR Ladders - 32s

After i finished these, i couldn't feel my toes it was so cold in my garage, I called it a day.

12/31/08 Morning JM

5:05 am Intu-flow - mix of level 2 & 3

12/30/08 Vareity Day

I was supposed to do Swings and TGUs, however I had some family business to take care of, so i never got around to it. Anyway, i am sore from the ladders.

I will be doing more ladders 12/31/08

Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to training

5:05 am

JM- Intu-Flow - a mix of Kb warm-up and levels 2 & 3

3:35 pm 

JM- KB Warm-Up

C&P ladders
3x1,2(1L) - 40kg
2x1,2,3 - 32kg

Alt RR - 32s

2A swings 40kg

1A Swings 20kg

After 8 days off, I was sucking wind. I need to focus more on longer swing sets.

Dec. 21st-28th

During my vacation, i just did Intu-flow. I did do one set of snatches but that is it. Back to the grind today.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Today and Off the Grid


I will be off the grid for a while returning on the 29th. I will be training, but may not add it here until then. I am on Vacation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

morning session..Evening CBs

4:55 am
Intu-Flow - Intermediate

3:45 Pm

KB warm-up


Rock It

A1. Rock it - 10
A2. Alt Shield cast -10

3 supersets

rock it

Monday, December 15, 2008

JM in the morning... Heavy day

5:05 am

Intu-Flow - Combination of Intermediate and kb warm-up

3:45 PM

KB Warm-up

Day 1

Alt RR 32kgs

Dbl Jerks 32kgs

1A Snatches 40kg

Dbl swings 32kgs - 1 set swinging outside legs

Dbl bottom up cleans(BUC) 24kgs

Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning JM....Evening Intu-Flow & FlowFit

4:35 am


4:15 PM

Intu-Flow - Intermediate level with Quad Hop and spinal rocks

FlowFit -  level 2 -  18 minutes - I worked on some level 3

2 minute set of bottom position of Trinity squat

Some hip flexor stretches from RIS

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

Morning JM....Snatches in the evening

5:05 AM
Intu-Flow - combination Intermediate and advanced levels.

3:45 pm

JM-KB warm-up

Snatches - 10 minutes- 32kg

Total 110 reps

LCCJ - 32kg - 2.5 minutes

I was toast after the snatches

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Off day

I did nothing but spend time with the family

I did Intu-Flow at 11:30 PM Intermediate level

Friday, December 5, 2008

Intu-flow and Flowfit

Intu-Flow - intermediate complete

FlowFit - level 2 and some level 3 for 20 minutes

no Kbs today, neck feeling much better!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

JM only


Intu-flow Intermediate mixed with warm-up

Spinal rocks and quad hop

Neck is much better today.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Morning JM.... Evening Rob Zombie and the Bent Press

4:45 am
JM - Intu-flow Intermediate mixed with KB warm-up. Only the Rooster for my neck. It is better but still sore. I will try KBs tonight. If painful, definitely FlowFit

3:45 PM
Threw on Past, Present and Future to begin.

JM- KB warm-up

Bent Press
1x1/1 20kg
1x2/2 24kg
2x1/1 32kg
1x1/1 40kg

C&PP - 40kg

Rows 40kg

Windmills 32kg

My neck started bothering me so I called it a day.

KB Compensatory - I did the following ones
Neck Roll
seal walk
Rabbit to camel
floor scorpion
seated shin box

I worked on some quad hop and tried spinal rock, but they hurt my neck.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

AM stuff..PM tiger balm and ice

4:55 am
Intu-flow - combo intermediate level - no spinal rock or quads hops this morning. I seem to have tweaked the right side of my neck while transitioning from the neck circles to head nod/Stevie Wonder(Kb warm up). I am not really sure how but I did it anyway. I put on some icy hot and will play it by ear. i have done this once before last year doing SJ(super Joints).

FlowFit later today. Maybe the KB cool down also


I didn't do anything this evening except apply some red Tiger Balm and ice to my neck. It feels much better now. Hopefully it will be ok for tomorrow's hevay upper body day.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec. 1st

5:00 am
Intu-flow combo - Intermediate, some advanced and the fox walk, foot roll and helix out of kb warm up

3:45 PM

JM- Sonnon KB warm up

Metcon Circuit- 3 rounds
A1. Jump Rope - 75 reps
A2. 1A swings 24kg - 10/10
A3. 1A FSQ 24kg - 10/10
A4. 1A snatches 24kg - 10/10
A5. Good mornings on 12" block - 40kg - 5 reps

1 minute between rounds.

I was seriously winded after this.

1A swings 20kg

First 2 sets were HS, last set was GS. Totally different feel. I will try some more with the GS stuff again.

Sunday's JM

Late PM

Intu-flow intermediate with some advanced thrown in

Saturday, November 29, 2008

JM only

Intu-flow intermediate level - some advanced and kb warm-up thrown in

Worked a lot on spinal rocks and quad hop ellipses/ side to side rocks.

Hip flexor stretches

12 days of fitness

I signed up for this last year and received all kinds of cool stuff. Check it out if you want

12 Days of Fitness

Friday, November 28, 2008

Started the day off right...Finished with some conditioning


Intu-flow - a mixture of intermediate(all) and KB warm-up(some shoulder and foot)

Flowfit - level 2 for 14 minutes. I did this more as yoga today, holding each pose. I spent a lot of time holding the bottom of the trinity squats in prayer position.

More than likely KBs this afternoon.


JM- Sonnon KB warm-up

TGU 40kg 5 minutes

DBL Floor Press 32s

1A snatches 24kg - my conditioning sucks

1A swings -  20kg 4 minutes 10R/10L/10H2H

Next week I plan on focusing on swings, snatches and TGU at least 2 days next week. After I hit my year end goal of 50/50, I haven't really been doing any. my conditioning sucks, I had to use survival breathing during some of these. terrible!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Started with JM....finished with KBs, CBs and BW

I am off for the next 3 days, so I slept in. So I didn't get started until early afternoon.

Early PM

JM- Intu-Flow Intermediate level with some advanced thrown in. I also did the fox walk and foot roll out of the KB Warm-up. I am really starting to like the 4CBD drill. I feel that it is really opening my hips.


Warm-up circuit - 2 rounds

a1. Jump rope - 50
a2. hindu pushup - 20
a3. hindu squat - 20

DBL KB Thrusters (clean, squat, press) 32s

DBL Swipes - 15s

Inward/Outward circles - 5 inward/5 outward counts as a set

Forward/backward Circles - Same as above

More Intu-flow later this evening. i am saving today's FlowFit for tomorrow, to work off the huge meal.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today's stuff


JM - Intu-flow beginner level with some of the Intermediate and Advanced mixed in. No spinal rocks or quad hops. saving them for later.


Intu-flow - Intermediate Level.

I worked extra on Quad Hop and spinal rock.

Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24/08 AM & PM workouts

I implemented something new this morning. Early morning JM.


JM - Sonnon Kb warm-up with some pieces of Intu-flow Intermediate thrown in.

After I memorize all the Intu-flow, i will save the Warm-up for prior to KB and CB lifting.


Used Preparatory Breathing

DBL Swings 24s - Performance Breathing

See Saw Presses 24s - Performance breathing

DBL Bent KB Rows 24s - Performance breathing

FlowFit Level 2 - 14 minutes - use a little survival breathing during this. I need to better synchronize my breathing.

Plan on more Intu-flow before bed

Saturday, November 22, 2008


All I did today was JM

Intu-flow Beginner level

I like what I did today. Some of the move in the KB warm-up are more advanced. Next week I may look into do both on my KB days.

I went back and did the intermediate level also. I will watch the advanced and master levels tomorrow

Friday, November 21, 2008

A trying day with a couple of bright spots

At 12:15, I received a call from my wife saying that she was told by a nurse to take my youngest son to the ER. I arrived at the ER at 12:45. We got home at 5:25. My son is fine with another follow up in 3 days. That is one bright spot. The other is that my Intu-flow DVD set came today. I am surprised it wasn't stolen, it was hanging half way out of my mailbox.

I am getting ready to watch the beginner section. I may try it later. If I do, I will post it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

No KBs today either

This the first time in in the last 1.5 yrs that I have not done any KBs. It actually feels good

I practiced the sitting version of 'Be Breathed' off and on all day at work today

JM- Sonnon's warm-up

Standing 'Be Breathed' 20 reps

Sonnon cool-down

I did up to the last 4 exercises. I still can't do the plow, my spine is still to tight, and my gut is still in the way. I am hoping 'Be Breathed' helps with that.

The locust and seal walk are awesome. The elbow lever is hard as hell.

I will try and do this more after each work out.

I plan on adding KBs back in next week.

More FlowFit tomorrow. I can't wait.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another FlowFit day

JM - Sonnon Warm-up(I wish Intu-flow would get here)

FlowFit Level 2 - 17 Minutes

Held the bottom of a Trinity Squat for 2 minutes.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just JM

Didn't feel like training so i just did JM - Sonnon warm-up. I am still waiting on Intu-flow to arrive.

Monday, November 17, 2008

JM, Flowfit and tried the cool-down

JM - Sonnon warm-up

Flowfit level 2 - 16 minutes

Tried the cool-down - I need a lot of help here.

Review of the 4x7 protocol and my next schedule

For the past 28 days i have been following Scott Sonnon's 4x7 protocol. All that i can say is that it is awesome. I am stronger and leaner. By adding in more JM and yoga (Flowfit - a Prasara flow) I am moving better. While i love the protocol, it has some effect on family life. With no days off for 28 days, it makes family outing difficult.

So for the next month i will doing the following to focus more on JM and yoga


JM - Sonnon warm-up until Intu-flow gets here

Breathing techniques


Compensatory cool-down(work on this)

TTH(maybe Sat)

JM- Sonnon warm-up

Breathing techniques

Metabolic 300/timed sets/other circuits

Compensatory cool-down(work on this)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

CKC 2nd meeting

Day 28

JM - Sonnon warmup before I left for meeting

Z-health Nueral warmup 1 at CKC

Today was supposed to be flowfit, but with the CKC meeting, ended up doing KBs.

Will restart 4x7 after doing a cycle of the following:


JM- sonnon Warmup

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My wedding anniversary and JM

day 27


I can't wait until Intu-Flow gets here!

Today I celebrated my 12th wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Teasha. We spent the day with our boys and shopping. It was a great time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Metcon Day

Day 26 Metcon

JM- Sonnon Warm up

Maxwell metabolic 300 - dbl 24s - I only did the first 2 circuits 150 reps total

15 Dbl Swings
15 Dbl Snatches - 1x10 , 1x5
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x15
15 Dbl C&P - 1x10, 1x5
15 RR w/ Push -ups -  3x5

Rest 3 Min

15 Jerks
15 Bent-Over Rows (kb between legs)
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x10, 1x5
15 Dbl high pulls - 1x10, 1x5
15 crush push-ups 1x15

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Intu-flow 2 DVD set on the way

After doing the JM from the KB foundation DVDs and loving it. I bit the bullet and bought the whole program. I am looking to take my JM to another level. Wish me luck

Heavy day

Day 25

JM - Sonnon warm-up

OA LCCJ 40kg

DBL LCCJ 32s 1 minute on/1minute off

Snatch Ladder 20kg/24kg/32kg 5 reps each weight  L/R - out of original RKC book

2 ladders

Windmills 20kg

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moderate day

Day 23

JM - all 29 moves

Dbl LCCJ - 24s -  2 minutes 10rpm

OA jerks 24 -  2 minutes L/R - 10 RPM

Rack holds 20kg 1 Minute L/R

Dbl jerks 32s - 3x5

Dbl Snatches 24s -

Friday, November 7, 2008

No Intensity day

Day 19


Making a gada that broke on the second swing

Well after 2 days for waiting for the concrete to dry. I realized after swinging it the first time, this would be cool. So I did it a little faster and the thing fell apart. I used a wooden pole off of a rack and well that didn't work to well. next week I will build another one with a pole off a post hole digger.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moderate Day

Day 18

JM - all 29 moves . I am making progress on the handcuffs, gracie, and eagle

CB Mills
2x15r/l 10s
2x15 r/l 15s

Dbl Swipes
2x20 10s
2x15 15s

Hammer throws 15s
1x20 R/L

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


day 17

JM all 29 moves

Dbl MP 32s

MP 40kg

Push Presses 40kg

Dbl seated presses 24s

windmill 20kg hand flat on floor

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flowfit and JM

JM - foundation disc 2 all 29 exercises. I have issues with hand cuffs, gracie and eagle.

Flowfit level 1 16 minutes - I went back to this level until everything is at level 2. There are 2 exercises that need to stay at level 1, the rest are pretty much level 3. I am trying to figure out how to incorporate level 3s with level 1s. A work in progress.

I have decided to get intu-flow soon so I can have all 4 levels of the program.

My new goal is to increase my flow!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Day 15

KB foundation disc 2 - completed whole walk thru

I tried the cool down, but couldn't even do the plow.

I think my next purchases will be both Intu-flow and Prasara Yoga. I will get these soon. i really like the KB dvds, but i have to give them back. So I will go for the full programs.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

CBs and JM

Day 14

This has been a busy day. The family and I demolished our deck today. This was here when we bought the house, and I didn't like it so it had to go. Then we headed off to the dump to get rid of the wood, I kept the posts though, I have a plan for those.

The wife and i brought our old 4:3 54" big screen up the steps and into the living room so I would have a place to do some of my DVDs and a place for us to eat since the boys have taken over to family room in the basement. This allowed me to break out the VCR and re-watch Scott Sonnon's CST VHS. Afterwards, i worked out

JM- KB foundation disc 2 5 reps per exercise


Snatches 2x10 L/R

Forward circles 1x10L/R

Backward circles 1x10L/R

Inward circles 1x10L/R

Outward circles 1x10L/R

In/Outward parries 1x10 L/R

Wall slides 4x10

I finsihed the day by making a Gada (Macebell). My Gada should be done by tomorrow.

An Intense JM day tomorrow.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

JM and swings

Day 13

KB foundation JM 3 reps L/R for each exercise

OA swings 32s on the minute

Armbar 20# KB

Wall slides

Friday, October 31, 2008

Flowfit and the limitation that I have

Day 12

Flowfit Level 2 18 minutes

After I started flowfit, i have noticed some limitations that I have in mobility and ROM in my shoulders. After trying the JM exercises out of the KB foundation DVD, i could not even do the 'Hand cuffs' or 'Gracie' exercises without modifying them. So I have decided to implement more flowfit and jm along with the days dedicated to them. I may scale back on the KB and CB exercises to just bare minimum until I fix my anterior and posterier rotation. My session will be alittle longer, but I have to fix my shoulders.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

JM Day

Day 11

I did just intu-flow free e-book tonight.

Nate came over and let me borrow his KB foundation DVDs for the weekend. The JM in there is awesome. i asked Dave Randolph if the full intu-flow is more in depth, and once i  have the answer, i will probably but the complete package.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Light Day

Day 10

Cold as hell. KBs are freezing!

Santches 24kg 5x10/10 - 4:20 sec.


Forward circle 2x10/10
inward pendulum 2x10/10
outward pendulum 2x10/10
Dbl armpit casts 2x10

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Psuedo GVT

Day 9 heavy Day

Starting to get real cold in NE Ohio, so my bells were freezing. I did this to warm up

Pumps 10 reps

A few exercise from Flowfit level 2

Jump rope


Dbl MP - 32s - 10x3 - rest 30s between sets

JS Band Pull-up negatives - Used JS to achieve one rep. lower on the count of 5

Dbl snatches - 24s - 5x5

Felt awesome afterward. I really hate to admit that I can't do a pull up, it is kind of embarrassing. I will continue until i can get them. I have 2 JS bands, green and purple. I may need to get the one in the middle. The purple I can do for 2 reps, the green i can do 5 reps. The last time I did strict pull up was in 1989 at the weight of 230#. I have about 30 more LBS to lose. I am working on it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Flowfit Level 2

Day 8

Decided to try level 2. This is very hard for me. i plan on sticking with this level for a while. I have two exercises that are difficult for me and those are the deck squat and spinal twist one. i need to memorize the names!

Heavy day tomorrow

Sunday, October 26, 2008

R Phase and some Intu-flow

Day 7

Complete r-Phase

Complete Free ebook from 'free to move'

I think I will continue with both of these. I am still learning Intu-flow. i need to get the DVD.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Light day

day 6

CB Circuit

Shield cast 2x10 R/L

Arm Pit Cast 2x10 R/L

Inward Pendulum 2x10 R/L

Outward Pendulum 2x10 R/L

Head Cast 2x10 R/L

Completed 2 times

Worked on Mills. I seem to be doing them wrong per Coach Steer's video. I need to break out my VCR and watch the CST video again.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Heavy session and a TGU PR

Day 5

A1. DBL C&P - 32s - 5x5
rest 1 min
A2. RR - 32s - 5x5
rest 1 min

B1. DBL FSQ - 32s - 3x5
rest 1 min
B2. DBL Swings - 32s - 3x6

TGU - 40kg
3x1/1 - 1 min between sets

I may have tweaked my scapula muscle. Not sure yet, I will know more tomorrow morning. I will be applying Tiger balm and ice. I felt it on the last set of DBL Swings.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

First shot at flowfit

Day 4

Flowfit Level 1 for 15 minutes

I really like this. I will try level 1 a few more times before trying it on Level 2. I found some issue, but soon I will have flow.

I will review this product on my store site soon.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Metcon day

Day 2 of my 4x7

Steve and i did the following

Me - CB circuit 15s.  Steven - CB circuit 10s. He did 5r/l on all except Mills which he didn't do.

Shield Cast 10r/l

clean to order - torch press 10r/l

arm pit cast 10r/l

Barbarian squats 10r/l

Mills 10r/l

Rest one minute. Repeat 3 or 4 times. I did 4 circuits. Steven did 3 circuits. i am so proud of him. This is the third day he has practiced with me. he has even started a version of the WD. Almost dinner time.

Z tomorrow then Flowfit Thursday!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Started 4x7 routine today

day 1 Heavy

I worked out with my son so I will list his training also


C&P/Pull up ladders
3x1,2 (the 1st and last set on Left side was only one rep) - 40kg. I used a JS band for Pull up help

C&P/OA Row ladder
1x1,2,3,4 32kg for C&P, 40kg for rows

1x3/3 32kg - First time i tried the 32kg


C&P/row ladder
3x1,2,3 20# gofit bell for C&P/20kg for rows

TGU - 10# gofit bell.

Metcon tomorrow

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Finished cleaning the garage

Put up my shelf, and starightened up the work out area.

C&P 3x1/1 40kg

CB Alt shield casts 2x10

CB dbl Swings 2x15

worked with my oldest Steven on KB presses and some CB work.

I watched Flowfit last night. I really like it. I plan on starting it soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Change of plans

I was going to do a Metcon workout today, however i received my goodies from Rmax and REI today. I also bought 3 rolls of r13 insulation for my garage. So I spent today insulating my 'Courage Corner' along with chalking my bells. I also made a new set of 10# Clubbells. Tomorrow I will be adding in some shelves for my stereo.

Clubbells 10#s
dbl swipes

Dbl flag press


Friday, October 17, 2008

quick day

snatches 24kg 4mins and 29s



Metcon tomorrow. I haven't done any Z this week, i may do it also, however the more Intu-flow that i do, i really like it. i may have to get it also.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New RKC Snatch Standards, is this true?

I have found some blogs referencing this but can't find it on DD site. So I am asking my RKC friends, is this true?

New RKC Snatch Standrads

-You will be given 5min to complete the test.
-You are allowed to make as many hand switches as you wish. The sum of both arms is scored.
-You are allowed to set the kettlebell down and rest.
-You are allowed to make multiple back swings.

*All other previous standards still apply.

MEN Kettlebell Snatch Requirements
Weight Class, kg/lbs. Snatches, total L+R
60/132, 60
90/198, 80
90+/198+, 100
Open Class–24kg Kettlebell
Masters (50 and Over)–20kg Kettlebell

WOMEN Kettlebell Snatch Requirements
Weight Class, kg/lbs. Snatches, total L+R
56/123, 60
75/165, 80
75+/165+, 100
Open Class–16kg Kettlebell
Masters (50 and Over)–12kg Kettlebell

*Remember that it IS called a challenge and it takes commitment and practice to achieve anything worth it's salt.

Check out this view

This is a shot from the roof of the new Miller Pavilion, the new Cleveland Clinic Heart Institute. This includes my co-worker Jim G and myself.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tonight's go at the Metabolic 300

Put on Metallica-Metallica. Did some pumps and shoulder circles and began.

Metabolic 300 - dbl 24s. Completed all in 35 minutes.

15 Dbl Swings
15 Dbl Snatches - 1x10 , 1x5
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x10, 1x5
15 Dbl C&P - 1x10, 1x5
15 RR w/ Push -ups - 1x10, 1x5

Rest 3 Min

15 Jerks
15 Bent-Over Rows (kb between legs)
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x10, 1x5
15 Dbl high pulls - 1x10, 1x5
15 crush push-ups 1x10, 1x5

Rest 3 mins
15 Dbl Thrusters - 3x5
15 Double Alt Rows - per arm
15 Dbl high pulls - 1x10, 1x5
15 Jump Shrugs
15 Push ups on kbs

rest 3 min

10 See Saw Presses - per arm
10 Bent over alternating rows - per arm
10 Maxwell Manmaker 2x5
25 bear crawl - per arm
15 dbl swings

depending on how you count(per arm or whole) I either hit 295 or 345 . I actually feel pretty good. Real sweaty though. I really love this work out.

REI has some great stuff if you have never checked them out.

I just ordered some chalk and Power Putty Hand Strengthener HARD. I can't wait to chalk my bells.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just bought Flowfit from Scott Sonnon

When this arrives, I will begin on the 4x7 program. This was recommended to me by Dave Randolph. It breaks down like this:

Sonnon's 4x7
1 day heavy - Heavy KBs & Clubbells
1 day metcon - Metabolic 300
1 day JM - Z
1 day flowfit/bodyweight - Flowfit

Train 4 days then repeat for 7 cycles = 28 days

I can't wait until it gets here. From what i hear the 4 progressive levels are awesome.

I will have to finish my new set of CBs this weekend and also see about making that Mace or Gada from Steve Maxwell's Blog.

Light Day

Alt Shield Cast 3x6

Dbl Swipes 2x15

Mills 1x15R/L, 1x 10R/L

More Metcon tomorrow

Monday, October 13, 2008

Here is my session tonight

Maxercise Metabolic 300  - Dbl 24kg On broken down sets, 30s rest in between. I was sucking air at the end.

15 Dbl Swings
15 Dbl Snatches - 1x10 , 1x5
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x10, 1x5
15 Dbl C&P - 1x10, 1x5
15 RR w/ Push -ups - 1x10, 1x5

Rest 3 Min

15 Jerks
15 Bent-Over Rows (kb between legs)
15 Dbl FSQ - 1x10, 1x5
15 Dbl high pulls - 1x10, 1x5
15 crush push-ups 1x12, 1x3

Rest 3 mins
15 Dbl Thrusters - 3x5
15 Double Alt Rows
15 Dbl high pulls - 1x10, 1x5
15 Jump Shrugs
15 Push ups on kbs

rest 2 min

10 See Saw Presses - per arm
10 Bent over alternating rows
7 Maxwell Manmaker
13 bear crawl - per arm.

Only 265, but I was smoked. try again Wednesday

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A little sore today

The circuits I did yesterday have left me feeling my muscles today. As of now, I plan on taking the day off.

Tomorrow I will try to make all 4 circuits.

Be sure to check out Steve's workout. It is awesome

Maxercise Metabolic 300

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tried something new today

I tried the following from Steve Maxwell's Blog.

The work out can be found here, Maxercise Metabolic 300

The workout: Steve uses dbl 16kg. I don't have any 16kg, so I used my 24kgs. I only made it through the first 2 ciruits

Circuit #1

15 Dbl Swings
15 dbl snatches - 3x5 for me
15 dbl fsq - 3x5
15 Dbl C&P - 1x10, 1x5
15 RR with Push-up - 3x5

Circuit #2

15 OH jerks - 1x10, 1x5
15 Bent Over Rows - 1x10, 1x5
15 dbl fsq - 3x5
15 dbl high pulls 1x8, 1x7
15 crush push ups 1x10, 1x5

Circuit #3

15 dbl Thrusters - 1x5 - I quit after this.

This is a bitch with Dbl 24s. I guess I need to either keep at this to I can do all or buy some 16s. I will list the rest of the Circuits, when i can complete them.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pressing matters

Nate came over and we did some presses with the bulldog.

Here is my piece
c&p 40kg
1x1R/L strict (took 2 tries on L)

MP 40kg
1x2R/0L(unless I do the Cam Shaft from z first, I can't press it with my left. My shoulder always pops, then I can grind it out)

DBl C&P 32kgs

This was fun. We also discussed the CKC and training schedules and program. He also gave me a bolt that i will have to work on bending. He said it is harder than the iron mind blue nail, which i failed at the first time i tried. I will have to give it a shot later this week or next.

Circuits tomorrow

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Metallica and my year end goal achievement PR

I was in a bad mood today, actually a little pissed off, so I taped my hands the way Rif shows on his blog, and cranked up Metallica. i proceeded to do some pumps. then on to snatches

Snatches 24kg
1x50/50 ( Kb actually flew out of my hand on the down swing of rep 48, picked up and completed) PR and Yearly goal

Done. Now I can proceed on to bigger and better things. I have a 13 week plan laid out I was going to implement 1/1/09. However I may do it sooner. Off day tomorrow unless I meet up with Nate for some training. Now what to reward my self with. Maybe a new DVD or Book... I will keep you posted.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Snatch Day

one arm snatches
2x25/25 24kg
2x10/10 32kg
2x5/5 32kg
1x15/15 20kg

high pulls 40kg

Sunday, October 5, 2008

CKC workout

I worked with Paul on the cleans and high pull. We will meet again in 3 weeks at my house to tame the arc on his movements.

I did 2 arm swings with the 40kg on the minute for 7 minutes

Pressed the 40kg 1 rep L/R

Saturday, October 4, 2008

CB Day

Alt Shield Casts

Double arm pit casts

Double pendulum

Band assisted pullups

Nice and easy. I am saving up to bring the pain at the CKC inaugural meeting, just kidding of course

Friday, October 3, 2008

Another go at Maxwell's 300

Used 20kg - Made all 300 reps for the first time

1. around the body pass 10l/10r

2.halo 10l/10r

3. good morning x10

4. windmill 5l/5r

5. one arm swing 10l/10r

6. high pulls 10l/10r

7. snatch 10l/10r

8. clean and press 10l/10r

9. circular clean 10l/10r

10. squat and press 10l/10r

11. cossack curl 10l/10r - I getting farther, but still suck at these

12. reverse lunge and press 10l/10r

13. deck squat x10(2x5)

15. TGU 5l/5r

16. suitcase row 10l/10r

17. crush press situp x10

18. russian twist 10l/10r

19. crush pushup x10

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Noticied something today

I had been doing direct forearm work from an old program from health for life. After I hit 40/40 last week I hadn't done any. With my snatch practice tuesday and tonight, my forearms were the first to give. So I added them back in.

Pumps 7 reps

Steve Maxwell Snatches - 24kg- completed in the duration of Black Sunshine 4:49

Snatch holds 24kg
2x60s L/R

Front Levers

Reverse Levers

Janda feet held by my 32kg

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Actually taking tonight off KBs

Feeling weird, i can't explain it, so I will be doing Z and maybe some Yoga. I will do my hard snatches tomorrow.

Cleveland KB Club

I am trying to start a Cleveland KB club. I have invited 3 of the RKC that I know to join. This will be a meeting of the minds so to speak... I propose we get together for training and discussions on programs, nutrition and other S&C objectives..

If you live in the NE Ohio area please visit the site on the right and and vote if this interests you. I really hope this takes off.



Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Callouses and sanding

My callouses are killing my snatches. As you recall I ripped 2 of them on my left hand about a month ago. Well they are back. I bought a pumice stone, which i can't find tonight, so I resorted to sand paper. This is the same sand paper I use on my KB handles, real rough. So I proceeded by doing dishes by hand to get dishpan hands, then proceeded to sand the hell out of them. This works great. Time to get more sand paper. Just thought I'd share my hand care treatment.

Train hard and enjoy the pain. Hard snatches are on par for tomorrow night, sweet!

tonight's easy snatches

Warm up
Pumps 5

Z - shoulders

snatches 24kg

High Pulls 40kg

Dead snatches 32kg

2 arm swings to eye level 40kg

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tonight's session


2 arm swings 40kg

see saw press
3x3 32kgs
2x5 24kgs

Good Mornings 40kg


Yesterday's session

I used the 24kg and completed 2 rounds with 3 minutes between rounds

C&P 5L/R
Swings 10L/R
C&P 5L/R
C&P 5L/R
C&P 5L/R
Snatches 10L/R
C&P 5L/R

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Snatch PR

snatch 24kg
40/40  *PR*

dead snatch 32kg

1 arm swings 40kg

push presses 40 kg

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Todays session

Snatches 24 kg

Hang Snatches 24kg

2 arm swings 40 kg - on the minute for 10 minutes


Back to training today after illness

I will get back to training today after being sick Sunday and yesterday. I don't know what i had, but with the cold chills, shivering and a fever, I am glad i broke it after 13 hrs of sleep and Motrin. That was the first time I have been sick in a while.

Snatches and swings tonight.

Congratulations to my buddy Matt Schinabeck

My buddy Matt just returned from St. Paul as an RKC. Drop over to his blog and congratulate him. He was on Team Rif, so I can imagine all of cool stuff he learned. He will be posting soon about his experience, so check back often.

Congrats Matt!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My First RKC Trainer

Nate Black, the first RKC, that I trained with, has created a blog. Feel free to check it out!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today stuff

Started at 10:30 am trying get the stump out of the ground and going to the dump to unload my truck. The wife and I redid the fence yesterday and tore down part of the deck, so i had a lot of stuff to dump. The stump is about 4.5-5.5 foot deep. This is a work in progress.  I finished at 3:00 pm.

I did the following for training. Short and sweet

20kg for all, 1 round

Swings 10L/R
C&P 5L/R
Swings 10L/R
Swings 10L/R
TGU 4L/R(new version)
Swings 10L/R
Snatch 5L/R
Swings 10L/R

Friday, September 19, 2008

Today's training

I did the following
C&P 5
Swings 10
C&P 5
C&P 5
C&P 5
Snatches 5
C&P 5

I completed 2 rounds. the first round I used dbl 24kgs and rested for 30 sec twice during the sequence. On the second round I used the 20kg and completed the circuit straight though L/R.

My endurance still sucks

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snatches and swings

I am a little fried from all the GTG that i did today, but proceeded to train any way

R-Phase - complete

1x20/20 24kg
1x25/25 20 kg

2A Swings 40 kg

Prior to training, my wife picked up a chain saw, so I finished cutting down the tree that i have been working on. I also cut another small one down.

Overall a great day!

GTG while at work

I will be GTG'ing the Bulldog while at work with Clean & Push presses. I will try on the hour.

6:30 am 2l/2r
7:35 am 2l/2r
8:35 am 2l/2r
9:45 am 2l/2r(strict)
10:45 am 2l(1 strict)/2r(1 strict)
12:00 pm 2l/2r
1:25 pm 2l/2r

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bulldog arrived

OK, tonight was snatch night but my Bulldog was here so i just had to play with it

Snatches 24kg

Swings 40kg

2 handed

Tried to press
I got 1R/0L

When I tried the 40kg in Dec, it was easier. i also weighed more and had just finsihed ROP with the 32kg. Looks like I will start with some GTG during the day and then into the ROP again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Since my bulldog will be here tomorrow, I didn't train however, I worked on the yard, cut more of my tree down (stump is left) and started the process of demolishing my deck. I am removing the old and building a new one. Nice workout in itself.

Training tomorrow!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Swing day

Football Sunday, so just swings. I will be going back to ROP when my bulldog arrives later this week.

Swings on the minute

OA swings 32kg

2 arm swings 32kg

200 total reps in 10 minutes. I am sore from yesterday.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Maxwell 300 Kb part deux

I tried this with the 24kg today. Not bad but only got 294 reps

1. around the body pass 10l/10r

2.halo 10l/10r

3.good morning x10

4. windmill 5l/5r

5. one arm swing 10l/10r

6. high pulls 10l/10r

7. snatch 10l/10r

8. clean and press 10l/10r

9. circular clean 10l/10r

10. squat and press 10l/10r

11. cossack curl 10l/10r - I have never done these so I went as far as I could go and curled

12. reverse lunge and press 10l/10r

13.deck squat x10

15. TGU 5l/5r - only got 2l/2r new TGU

16. suitcase row 10l/10r

17. crush press situp x10

18. russian twist 10l/10r

19. crush pushup x10

Friday, September 12, 2008

No Training but ordered a Bulldog

My parents are up from KY so I took the night off. I also ordered a Bulldog from performbetter. It will be here in 7 days. I can't wait......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One goal down

Today was my other snatch day so here is the session.

Parts of Z-health shoulders and t-spine

Snatches 24kg
36L/38R - PR - I made my RKC numbers

20L/20R - 24kg

30L/30R - 20kg

Farmer's walk dbl 32kgs
2x 45 seconds

2x 96 ft.

Sweet on to my goal of 50L/50R. I could have gotten one more on my left however the callous on my left ring finger was on fire. i stopped before ripping it. I used the corkscrew technique on my left. I need to try and do it on the right, but it just feels weird.

Light day

Yesterday i did a light session.

Snatches 24kg

Forearm work

That was it. Short and sweet!

I also torn a very small phone book, later in the evening.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Yoga for dummies

While redoing my basement today, i found my old copy of "Basic Yoga for Dummies", so I thought I'd go through it. I completed the 'Daily Dozen' for six breaths each.

1 Cat pose
2 Mountain pose
3 Standing Forward Bend
4 Lunge
5 Tree
6 Standing Side Stretch Pose
7 Downward Facing Dog
8 Cobra
9 Child's pose
10 Seated Spinal Twist
11 Seated Forward Bend
12 Final Relaxation pose

I feel really relaxed and good. I may have to continue using this tape. Just hope my VCR doesn't break :)

No Training yesterday

I didn't feeling good yesterday, so I took the day off. I spent the day working in the basement. i moved our room into the small room down there and I am creating a family/game room. I took off work today to finish the chore. I plan on training later this evening.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Steve Maxwell's 300 KB workout

I was supposed to do the second RKC workout today, but I got a chance to to Steve's 300 KB workout and thought I'd give it a try. Here is the workout. I used the 20kg, since i don't have a 16kg. I only set the bell down after I failed to get 10 on the deck squats.

1. around the body pass 10l/10r

2.halo 10l/10r

3.good morning x10

4. windmill 5l/5r

5. one arm swing 10l/10r

6. high pulls 10l/10r

7. snatch 10l/10r

8. clean and press 10l/10r

9. circular clean 10l/10r

10. squat and press 10l/10r

11. cossack curl 10l/10r - I have never done these so I went as far as I could go and curled

12. reverse lunge and press 10l/10r

13.deck squat x10 - only go 7 reps

15. TGU 5l/5r

16. suitcase row 10l/10r

17. crush press situp x10

18. russian twist 10l/10r

19. crush pushup x10

So I only got 297 reps, but hey for my first time doing it, I'll take it. I need to work on my deck squats and cossack. Overall it is a pretty challenging workout. I like it

Friday, September 5, 2008

Circuit #1 day

C&P 5L/R
Swings 10L/R
C&P 5L/R
C&P 5L/R
C&P 5L/R
Snatches 5L/R
C&P 5L/R

I completed 2 rounds, 2 min between rounds. Used the 24kg. The first round was really good. I even got 5/5 on the TGUs with one hand switch. On round 2, I only set the bell down twice after FSQ and once again after Snatch. Much better than last week. I will not add another round until I can do both rounds without putting the down during the round.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

9.0: Live and a Snatch PR

Snatch day for me so I threw on Slipknot 9.0:Live disc 1 to start the session.

I did the some SJ and Z for shoulder, T-Spine, and elbows.

Then decided to go heavy with the 32kg, but i didn't feel it so I switched by to the 24kg and hit a PR on the first set

1x5/5 32kg
1x30/30 24kg *PR*
3x20/20 24kg
1x10/10 24kg

OH Walks 24kg
2x 1minL/R

Some forearm work. So I am now 7/7 away for the RKC Test and 20/20 for my year end goal. I feel both are achievable by then if not sooner. Thanks for reading! I have a demo in about an hour, gotta go.

My son's first football game yesterday

Well, my son's team lost, 22-16. I believe that the cause of this was conditioning. Even though there over 60 boys on the team, the coaches insist on having the the first team offense also be the first team defense. Only one other boy got in besides the starters. The other team was subbing almost every other down. They beat us in the last 3 minutes of the game.

I understand the process, I played football, but for a 8th grade team, all kids should at least get in the game. JMO.

Snatches later today, can't wait!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Halo 10/10


Snatches 24kg

Dead snatches 32kg

Snatches 20kg

My forearms are my weakest link so i started doing some exercises out of HFL power forearm routine. I will outline at a later date.

Off tomorrow, I have to see my son play. More Snatches on Thursday.

Nate Black is coming over for a visit and so are friends of mine that just got KBs. I will proceed to show them swings and TGUs.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Off day and a battle with a tree

No training, but I did battle with the apple tree again today. Since my last trimming, apples are feeling my yard. So I broke out the sawzall and proceeded to cut down more limbs. I was making progress until my blade snapped in half. I decided to use a hand saw. Talkin' about a work out. What is left of the tree will require a chain saw. I will either have to rent one or borrow one. The tree has to go!

Snatches are on par for tomorrow. I can't wait.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

training schedule modifications

My oldest son has football games every week on Wed/Thursday evenings, so i will be changing my schedule to accommodate his games. I am moving to an all weekend schedule doing circuit training Fri/Sat/Sun. I will be doing Snatches on Tues and either Wed/Thursday depending on his games. This leave Mon and either wed/thurs as off days. I will do Z or body flow/flow fit on these days. I may also do Clubbells on these days. For now, I will be doing the RKC prep workouts outlined by MRKC Brett Jones in the second to last Hard Style. I have a goal in mind, while it is not the RKC, I still have one. I will elaborate on this later. These type will work on my weakest part, endurance.

This change also leaves time for me the work with the new people I have gotten into KBs last week. All 3 of them ordered KB last week.

I am trying to decide what new bell to get. I have benn thinking about dbl 16kg. That would give me something to do on my light dbl days, when i get back to them. However, i have already done some ladders with Nate Black's 'bulldog', so I could get one of those. I just feel there is so much more i could do with dbl 16s. I will have to see when the time comes.

Today's session

c+fsq 5L/R
swings 10L/R
c+fsq 5L/R
c&p 5L/R
c+fsq 5L/R
c+fsq 5L/R
snatch 5L/R
c+fsq 5L/R

First round with 24kg, last round with 20kg. I made it through the the first round without rest. Rested 2 min, then started with lighter bell and wussed out and rested between pairs.

My goal is to make each of the last 3 days sessions, 3 rounds each with only 1 min rest between rounds. No rest between exercises.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Today' Practice

Swings 10L/R
C&P 5L/R
Swings 10L/R
Swings 10L/R
Swings 10L/R
Snatch 5L/R
Swings 10L/R

Used the 24kg and completed 2 rounds

Friday, August 29, 2008

After 2 days off

I thought I'd try one of Brett Jones' RKC Prep workouts to see where I am. Well of course i tried with dbl 24s. Well i found out, I am not ready endurance wise. Here is the work out

C&P 5
Swings 10
C&P 5
C&P 5
C&P 5
Snatches 5

I completed 2 rounds with the 24s, however I had to put the bells down on both rounds after swings, FSQ, & snatches. My endurance sucks. For some reason my Biceps pump while holding the rack position even though my elbows are tucked on my sides. I have much more work to do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No training today - My son had a football game

I didn't get to train today. My oldest had a football scrimmage that last 2 hrs in the rain. Then by the time we picked him up and got home it was 6:45 pm. SO I will do my VO2Max session tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Short and quick grind session

I had a conference call to get on so I had 15 minutes to train so here is what i did:

A1. dbl c+fsq+p - 24s - 5reps
A2. RR - 24s - 5/5 reps

Completed 5 rounds

Monday, August 25, 2008

VO2 max day

Well i will say that the sanded handles are better and smoother for snatches. That and the heavy wrap I applied to my left hand, allowed me to train.

VO2Max 20kg

Tactical frog - 5 reps

The a co-workers significant other came over. I started him with Face the wall squats and pumps. I proceeded to demonstrate Swings, 1 and 2 handed, cleans, presses, tgu, front squats and snatch. I started him with 2 arm swings with my 8kg. After a few practice sets he wanted more so he did the following.

2 arm swings 5x10 on the minute with jogging as active rest

1 arm swings 5x5/5 on the minute with jogging as active rest

I told him he had just completed 100 swings in 10 minutes.. He was amazed.

Then onto TGU. I had him do naked ones for 2 reps each side. Then 2 reps each side with my 4kg and then with the 8kg.

I then explained the the program minimum and he said he was hooked. That makes a total of 15 people that i now have convinced on the benefits of KBs.

A Great day!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

KB sanding

Well my left hand hurts like hell today. So i proceeded to sand my 20kg today. It turned out real well, so I did my pair of 24kg even though they were fine. I ran out of sandpaper or I would have done my pair of 32kg. Those will be next. I now need to find some chalk locally or order some off the internet to finish them. I hope my hand is better by tomorrow. Even if it is not, I will tape and continue with my VO2Max training.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

VO2 MAX, Slipknot & ripped callous

Started the day by cleaning up my workout area, the garage. This took me 2.5 hrs. Nice and clean though!

Once finished, I threw in some Slipknot and proceeded with my VO2 Max with the 20kg.

Everything was going great until on I ripped 2 callous on my left hand, on my middle and little fingers. I finished my right hand and called it a workout. I am going to sand my 20kg lifeline handle tomorrow to see if that makes a difference. I don't have the problem on my PB KBs!

I was feeling great when this happened. I am sure i would have hit 50 sets today. anyway here is the workout

30x 7 reps

Friday, August 22, 2008

Not felling it today

I am not feeling it today. I will do my scheduled VO2 Max tomorrow. I just feel tired.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Press and pull ladder

I haven't done any ladders with the 32kg since Dec., so I thought I'd do some

C&P/Pull up combo (JS Band)
1x1,2,3,4,3 - my form was deteriorating so i quit. The pull ups on the last 2 rungs were mostly negatives. I still suck at pull up. I may need to GTG them, but I don't have anywhere at work to do them. That is kind of a problem.

Deck squats 20kg

That is it. More VO2 max tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VO2Max day

Halo 5/5 with 8kg

Pumps 7 reps

VO2Max 20kg
40x7 reps

DBL swings 24kgs


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Grind circuit


I did the following circuit 3 times

BUP 20 kg 3x5/5

JS band Pull-ups 1x5, 2x4

DBL FS 32kgs 3x5

Windmills 24kg 3x5/5

Finished with the following

Hindu Push-ups 20 reps

Hindu Squats 25 reps

Afterward, I proceeded with cutting down an annoying Apple tree in my backyard.

Monday, August 18, 2008

VO2 max day

VO2Max 20kg :15 :15 - Increased over last week.
32 sets x 7 reps

2kg snatches 2x8/8

Jandas 1x5

Double swipes 15s

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Quick Grind session

Bent Press
24kg 2x1/1
32kg 2x1/1

Pull-ups - JS Band Assisted

New TGU - just trying it
20kg 1x1/1

The new TGU will take some time to get used to. I like the old way better. But if I ever want to be Certified. I will work on the new way.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I took last night off.

Today I did the following

DBL Swing Descending set w/24s

45s between sets


Thursday, August 14, 2008

presses and squats

Started off with R-Phase

C&P ladder 20kg

BU C&P Ladder 20kg

SLDL 20kg held in opposite hand

BB OHS 95# - all the free weights i have - I still suck at these

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

VO2 Max day

I started off the evening with digging and tilling the area my pool left. I rubbed two blisters, one one each hand.

So for snatches I had to put on the cut sock.

VO2Max - I haven't done these since last calender year. So took it easy
20kg - 30x7 reps :15 :15

Shield casts 15# 2x10/10

Mills 15# 2x10/10


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Grind day


C&P/pullup ladders- 32kg and JS band used

Deck squats used 20kg for 2 sets and the 8kg for 2 sets
2x5 - legs rocking back
2x5 - legs stay planted on ground

Snatch holds - 24kg
2x 1min each arm

Monday, August 11, 2008

Ballistics today

started off with swings

1 arm swings on the minute with the 32kg
2 arm swings on the minute 32kg

one arm LCCJ - complete 7 and rest then hand switch on the minute
6x7/7 24kg
2x7/7 20kg


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today's presses

waiter presses 3x5/5 20 kg
BUP 2x5/5 20 kg
bup C&P 1x5/5 20kg, 1x3/3 24kg

Pullups with JS bands - I still suck at these even with bands. Done from my garage rafters. i need to make something a little better than rafters.

No training yesterday

No training yesterday, but it was busy. We took the pool down & cleaned house.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yesterday's session


one arm LCCJ 24 for 10 minutes - 5 minutes each arm - 6 reps on the minute switch after first 5 minutes complete

one arm snatch 24 went the whole 10 minutes but only got 180 reps - performed SSST style, multiple hand switches and set the bell down to rest.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Grind Circuit

C&P (24kg) 5/5

Alt RR (32s) 5/5

dbl fs (24s) 10

Windmills (24) 5/5

Completed 3 rounds.

Short and sweet!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Going to make some changes to my current sessions

As much as I like the PHA stuff, I tried something different tonight and failed on what i wanted due to so it is time to simplify and focus on what I want at the moment.

Tonight's session

DBL LCCJ (24s) - 10x6 on the minute - on the first 4 minutes i didn't set the bell down. This liked to kill me.

one arm snatches 6x10/10 on the minute - right after LCCJs - I failed to make 10 minutes!

So the changes are as follows

MWF - Ballistics - choose one from A & C. I like the burn from LCCJ and the endurance hit!

A1. swings- dbl or single,

A2. Snatches - VO2Max, SSST, 5/5 for 20 min, etc

B. LCCJ - single or double

C1.Rack holds

C2. Snatch holds

- Grinds- chosse one from C & D

A. Rows - various

B. Squats - various

C1. DL

C2. Presses

D1. TGU - I need to add these back in

D2. Windmills single or dbl

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

R Phase and some shoulder work

Z-health R Phase

wall slides 3x10

Last Nights PHA Circuit

Double C&P 5
Double Rows 6
Double FS 10
Double Swings 8
Slow and controlled sit ups 5

I completed 5 rounds. I used 32s for rows and c&p for the first 3 rounds. Switched to all exercises 24s for last 2 rounds. No rest (minimal on later rounds) between exercises. 1 min rest between rounds. This was a smoker last night!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Z and shoulder mobility

Wall slides 3x10

OH Shoulder shrugs 3x10

Shoulder dislocates 3x5 - purple JS band

Full Z Rphase

Friday, August 1, 2008


Clean and push press 10 L,R
One arm Bent rows 10 L,R
One arm snatches 10 L,R
One arm FS 10 L,R
kb pass between legs 10

Completed 4 rounds this week. Minimal rest between exercises, 1 min rest between rounds. I used the 24kg for the first 3 rounds, the 20kg for the last. I found an issue with my left side while doing clean or snatches. i was squatting more than sitting back. I corrected this. I don't seem to have the issue on swings or double work. I will keep monitoring it. It made the last 2 rounds easier.


My oldest son doing some KBs

Here is a pic of my son doing KBs in late June. he turned 13 on Wednesday.

Last nights session

Wall slides 3x10
OH stick shrugs 3x10
shoulder dislocates 3x5

Alt shield casts 3x6
Mills 3x12 L/R

Then i ran my son and one of his friends through some football drills
Bear Crawls
motion drills
back pedaling
Then they both want to be receivers ( my son TE), so i had them run some routes

Nice change of pace

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Humid and sweaty day yesterday

A little humid in Cleveland yesterday. It was my Speed and explosive day. here is what i did.

Explosive Squat Shrug 3 reps

Full Body Attack 3 reps

Double Stomp Jerk 3 reps

Alternate Hang Clean 3 reps

Front Snatches 3 reps

Complete 5 times - 1 min rest between exercises

I used the 32s for all except the front snatches(24) for the 1st 4 rounds. Last round was all 24s

Monday, July 28, 2008

Today's PHA circuit

DBL Bent Rows 6
DBL Swings 8
Slow and controlled sit-ups 5

I used the 24s and completed 5 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds. On last set of squats, I had to put the bells down after 6 reps, caught my breath and finished the last 4 reps. Then continued the round.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saturday's session and today's

Shoulder mobility

Wall slides 3x10

OH stick shrugs 3x10

shoulder dislocates 3x5 purple JS band

One arm swings 32kg


While grilling, I did the following
LCCJ 32s

Friday, July 25, 2008

Early seesion Toady

My family is coming home today, so i worked out early today.


One arm C&P 10l,r
One arm bent rows 10l,r
One arm snatches 10l,r
one arm fronts squats 10l,r
kb pass between legs 10

I completed 3 rounds no rest between exercises. I also used the 24kg for the 1st time. I need to improve on the rounds........

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More CBs and SHoulder mobility

Shoulder Mobility

Wall Slides 3x10

OH stick shrugs 3x 10

Shoulder dislocates 3x5 purple JS band


Alt shield casts 3x6

Double armpit casts 3x10

hammer throw 3x10/10

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Warrior Diet observations - Do it the way Ori lays it out!

There have been some heated discussions of late on the DD nutrition forum regarding the science and effectiveness of the WD way of life. I have been doing the lifestyle since Feb. as I have stated before. Since i get up for work @ 4:50am, I had been eating my evening meal around 5:30 PM. This past Sunday, I pushed it back until 7:30PM and I have seen a difference by doing this. I am more vascular, and my stomach is flatter and tighter. For those of you thinking of trying, do it by the book, don't deviate as I did. I will continue eating at this later time. This even make the lifestyle more appealing to me!


Explosive day

I used the 32s for the workout

Explosive Squat Shrug 3 reps

Double Stomp Jerk 3 reps

Alternate Hang Clean 3 reps

Split Snatch 3 reps

Complete 4 times - 1 min rest between exercises


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shoulder mobility, clubbells, and some heavy bag work

Shoulder Mobility

Wall slides 4x10

Overhead stick shrugs 3x10

Scapula pulls 3x4 with purple JS Band

RKC armbar 20# Kb 3/3


Alt shield casts 3x6

Double Armpit casts 3x10

Ironcross 3x5

Heavy bag work

I haven't done much with this in awhile. I have been focusing on my other goals rather than my Kenpo training. I think I will add some of this back in on T-TH-Sat workouts.

I practiced Short form #1 (both Sides) Then did the following on heavy bag.

Lead blast r/l
lead backfist r/l
rear hand hooks/ridgehands r/l
front thrust kick r/l for not doing these for awhile my height is better
drag step lead roundhouse r/l
rear wheel kick r/l

I performed 5 reps r/l.

I will start increasing reps after awhile.


Monday, July 21, 2008

PHA Night

Double C&P 5
Double Rows 6
Double FS 10
Double Swings 8
Jandas using KBs to hold my lower legs 5

Complete 5 times - no to minimum rest between exercises

I only got 4 times, my shoulder started aching again. Time for some more Z

Next 8 weeks of Training

For the next 8 weeks i will be doing the following


Monday - PHA day

Double C&P 5
Double Rows 6
Double FS 10
Double Swings 8
Jandas using KBs to hold my lower legs 5

Complete 5 times - no to minimum rest between exercises

Wednesday- Speed and explosive day

Explosive Squat Shrug 3 reps

Full Body Attack/ Full Body defense 3 reps

Double Stomp Jerk 3 reps

Alternate Hang Clean 3 reps

Split Snatch/Front Snatches 3 reps

Complete 5 times - 1 min rest between exercises

Friday - PHA or descending sets


One arm C&P 10l,r
One arm bent rows 10l,r
One arm snatches 10l,r
one arm fronts squats 10l,r
kb pass between legs 10

Complete 5 times - no to minimum rest between exercises

Descending sets - Dbl swings or snatches


1 min rest between sets working toward 30, 15

On T-TH-Sat

I will be doing Z, CBs, and stretching

Saturday, July 19, 2008

CB Work

Alternating Shield Casts 3x6

Double pendulum 2x5

Double armpit casts 3x10

Rt shoulder is a little sore (slept on it wrong), so called it a day

Friday, July 18, 2008

Today's session

A1 double MP 24s

A2 alt RR 24s

5x5 for the above

Double swings 24s - descending sets


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stress and fatigued

Work has been real stressful this week so i took last night off and went easy today.

CB work

Alt shield casts 3x8

Mills 3x8

Iron Cross 2x5 pause for 2 sec on hold

A full body circuit tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tonights session

Halo 20kg 5/5

Double LCCJ 24s - 1 min on , 1 min off - 15,13,12,10,10

Double See Saw press 24s - 5/5
Double FS 32s - 5
Alt RR 32s - 5/5

Repeated 3 times

Monday, July 14, 2008

PR Night

Started off feeling real good. SO I thought I d' see what i could do tonight

1 arm snatches 32kg 5x10/10 7 minutes (PR- Last time 10 minutes for 100 Reps)

2 minutes rest

1 arm snatches 24kg 5x10/10 5 minutes

2 minutes

Double swings 24s 15/15/12/12/10, 30 sec rest between sets


Saturday, July 12, 2008

short and sweet Grind session

BUP 20 kg 3x5/5

double SLDL 24s- 3x5/5

Slingshot 24 - 2x10/10

Deck squats 20 2x5 - PR for me, I have never been able to get back up cleanly until today. It helps that a majority of my belly fat is gone and my legs are stronger from all of the double FS I have been doing.


Friday, July 11, 2008

Snatch day

Double Snatch descending sets - 24s

Double high pulls 32s - 3x3

I was going to do some high rep snatches with the 20kg, hoping atleast 37/37, however, I ripped the same callous I ripped on Monday, my tape came off. I ended up with
2x15/15 20 kg.

I think I will just stick with the Double snatches for awhile.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Session

DBL LCCJ 24s 1 min on , 1 min off 15,15,15,10,10

DBL Bent rows 32s - 5x5

Windmill 2x5/5


On LCCJ, I am trying build some strength endurance with these. When I hit 15 for all 5 mins, i will decrease the rest to 30s and repeat process. Then when i can go 5 min straight, I will and in more minutes

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Double Swings on the minute for 12 minutes

First 6 minutes - 24s 15 reps/min chest level

Next 4 miutes- 32s- 10 reps/min sternum level

Last 2 minutes - 24s 10reps/min chest level

Tried snatches, but my ripped callous said no. Plus I am a little sore from Monday's snatches in the trap region. i emphasized the high pull on all snatches.

Shoulder mobility

Wall slides 2x10

Overhead stick shrugs 3x10

Scapula pull aparts 2x5 purple JS band

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Progress....... one year later

Ok, it has been exactly one year since I got my first KB. Now I have 7 of them and some clubbells and sandbags...etc. I will have to say all the hype about KBs are true. I have lifted weights since I was 13 and I have made the most impressive gains in strength and conditioning ever. When i started my get back in shape quest in 4/2006, I went back to my old standard BB workouts. All I did was get bigger. I have always hated cardio so I never did any. So in 6/2007, I emailed my old IT buddy Dave Randolph asked a few questions that he answered. I bought on and it was delivered on my birthday last year. Back then I had a 46" waist and weighed around 280lbs. In 06, I was 325 (or more) on my 5'10" frame. So in one year, I am down under a 42" waist and weigh around 265-270. Doesn't sound like much, but I have lost a lot of fat. Last year I was wearing xxxl shirts, I can actually wear xl shirts now. I am impressed with the progress this cannonball with a handle has made in my life. I am forever changed.

I also started on the warrior diet back in 2/08. I stated earlier that I would stay on it until my B-day and then decide whether or not to continue. Well, I love it also. I am going to continue. I love the energy and the freedom it allows me. To that extent, I will be starting a food journal after reading a great post on Dave Randolph's site, The URL for my journal is I will start tracking tomorrow.

Thanks for reading

B-Day and one year anniversery of KB

Well I turned 40 today, and today happens to be the day i got my first KB last year. My body, strength, and conditioning have really improved in the last year. I thank it all to KBs, and for the last 6 months the WD.

I had to break my WD schedule today, my wife had a big dinner fixed when i arrived home, so i ate. It was awesome. Then had a little cake.

2 hrs later workout time

Double LCCJ 24s- 1 minute on, 1 minute off. For 5 rounds. Reps went like this, 12,12,12,10,10

Double FS 5 reps
RR 5/5 reps
Windmills 5/5 reps

Repeated twice used the 24s

Short and sweet. My left hand is killing me after ripping a callous yesterday.

That is it.... going to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A nice hot and muggy day in NE Ohio, I love it

Nice hot and humid here today, just like back home in KY. I wish all summer was like this! If you have been following my training, I have been trying some new routines the last 8 weeks, with great success. But for a while, i am going back to some basics, so here is how it went tonight.

I haven't been doing many high rep swings or snatches, so that is what i did tonight.

Snatches 24kg
2x15/15 - Ripped a callous on my left hand- taped it

Not great, but ok

Swings - light 20kg

That's it.

A grind cycle tomorrow!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


One arm swings

32kg 10/10 for 10 minutes

24kg 10/10 for 2 minutes

Short and sweet

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Last 5x5 workout

A1. Double seated MP 5x5 24s

A2. RR 5x5 24s

B1. Double FS 5x5 24s

B2. Double swings 5x5 24s

Double Windmills 2x5/5 24s

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wishing everyone a happy and safe 4th of July

Everyone be safe and have a good one.

No training today. My b-day is next Tuesday, but i start my on-call shift on Monday, so this is going to be my weekend. You only turn 40 once!

Be safe!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tonight's practice

A1. Double Floor Press 5x5 32s

A2. Double Rows 5x5 32s

B1. Double FS 5x5 24s

B2. Double Snatches 5x5 24s

TGU 2x5/5 24kg

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CB Circuit

Alt shield casts 5 reps

Iron Cross 5 reps

Double Pendulum 5 reps

Double Armpit Casts 5 reps

Repeated 3 times

RKC Arm Bar 2x3

Shoulder mobility

Monday, June 30, 2008

So so session today

After throwing football yesterday, my shoulder is sore or tender how ever you want to call it. I applied Tiger balm this morning, and by training time it felt better. I applied some more and headed out to the garage. I did the following

Halo 5/5

A1. Double MP 5x4 32s - I just didn't feel the 5th rep on any set so I stuck with 4 reps

A2. Alt RR 5x5 32s

B1. Double FS 5x5 32s

B2. Double swings 5x5 32s

Double Windmills 2x5/5 24s

Some stretches


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Got together with Matt for some fun today

Matt and I meet at a park for a little training and discussion.

My active rest day

Double fs 1x5 32s

Dead snatches 1x5/5 32

Full body attack 1x3 32s

Double Shield casts 2x5

Mills 2x10/10

Double swipes 1x10

It was Matt's grind day so he did more sets than I did. His conditioning has changed drastically since the last time we had trained, before he hurt his RC.

We discussed how each others training was going and about his preparation for the upcoming Sept RKC (he is going to smoke it IMHO).

We then played some football with our boys. It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Be sure to keep up with his progress at

My last week of 5x5 starts tomorrow. I can't wait to push it to see if i can do FS with the 32s all week.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rob Zombie and Kettlebells

Started my session by jamming to Past, Present, & future CD. It is a great album. If you like metal, I highly recommend it.

A1. Seated MP 5x5/5

A2. RR 5x5

B1. Double FS 5x5

B2. Double swings 5x5 I was actually getting to eye level on all sets today. My hip snap must be improving.

TGU 2x5/5

All done with the 24s!

I have been really concentrating on reverse power breathing this week. I feel that I was having a leaking problem, but it was really better this week.

That is it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Active rest


Alt Shield Cast 3x5

Mills 2x10

Double Swipes 2x10

Double shoulder cast 2x5

RKC Arm Bar 2x3

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally got double 32 FS 5x5

A1. Double Floor Press 32s

A2. Double Bent Rows 32s

B1 Double FS 32s

B2 Double Snatches 24s

Double Windmills 24s 2x5/5

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CB and Z

Shoulder mobility

Alt head casts 2x5

Double shoulder cast 2x5

Alt Shield Casts 2x5

Double pendulum 2x5/5

R Phase

Monday, June 23, 2008

Tonight's 5x5 Medium session

This was supposed to be my heavy day, I wasn't feeling it so I switched to medium.

A1. Double MP 24s 5x5
A2. Alt RR 24s 5x5

B1 Double FS 24s 5x5
B2 Double swings 24s 5x5

Double windmill 24s 1x5/5 Right groin muscle was aching so i switched to Single windmill
Windmill 20kg 1x5/5

Tactical Frog and some stretches

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tonight's 5x5 and a Snatch PR

A1. Seated MP 20kg 5x5

A2. RR 24s 5x5

B1. Double FS 20kg and 10/20 lbs KBs 5x5

B2. Double swing 24s 5x5

Double Windmills 24s 2x5/5

I felt real good afterwards so I threw on some Rob Zombie I thought I'd try some snatches. i haven't been doing any high rep snatches for awhile. So I proceeded to get 28L/28R. That is a PR for me. I still need to get 37/37. These new workouts have been working.

I will be modifying my workouts after speaking with my buddy Dave Randolph. i will be going heavy on Monday, Medium on wednesday, and light of Friday. I need to get another 20kg so i can have doubles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A humbling session

A1. Double Floor Press 5x5 32s

A2. Double Bent Row 5x5 32s

B1. Double front squats 2x5, 3x4 32s - I improved over Mondays session, but not good enough!

B2. Double Snatches 5x5 24s - My groove was much better than last weeks

TGU 1x5/4 with 32, 1x5/5 with 24 - On the set with the 32, I had to use rest-pause for reps 3,4,&5.

This was very humbling since I have failed the last 2 workouts to get 5x5 with 32s on the FS. I am really baffled by the TGUs. During my time with the program minimum, I was able to go 5 min switching side each rep with both the 24 and the 32. But trying to do sets of 5 has just proved what I had been thinking for a while, my strength-endurance is my weak point. After I finish up the last 2 weeks of this program, I will be focusing on strength-endurance for 4 weeks.

Last night

Shoulder Mobility

Overhead Shrugs 3x10

Scapula pulls 3x5

RKC arm bar 2x3/3

Some Z mostly shoulder, hips and thoracic

Some stretching

Monday, June 16, 2008

Tonight's session

I was supposed to do 5x5, but ran into to some limitations on some of the lifts with the 32s

A1. Double MP- Last 2 sets were only 4 reps

A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS- Last 4 sets were 4 reps

B2 Double swings

Double windmills 2x5/5 24s

I will rest longer between exercises next session.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

father's day


Alternating Shield casts 3x6

Mills 2x10

Alternating Head casts 2x6

Double Swipes 2x10

Friday, June 13, 2008

Today's 5x5 session

A1. Seated MP- first 3 sets L,R last 2 double

A2. RR

B1. Double FS

B2. Double swings

Double Windmills 2x5/5

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Active rest

Mills 3x10/10

Double Swipes 3x10

Shoulder mobility

Over head shrugs 3x10

Scapula pulls 3x5

Wall slides 2x5

No Z today

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today's 5x5 session

A1. Double Floor Press
A2. Double rows

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Snatches- First 2 sets were rough,than i found my groove

TGU 2x5R,L

Do A1, 1 min rest, then A2, 1 min rest, repeat for all 5 sets. Repeat for B1 and B2. On TGU, do 1x5/5 rest 2 min then repeat. I used the 24s

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Z, Clubbells, and Shoulder Mobility

Clubbells - 15s

Alternating Shield Casts 3x5

Alternating Head Casts 3x5

Double Shoulder casts 3x5

Double pendulum 2x5L,R

Double Arm Pit cast 3x5

Shoulder Mobility

RKC Arm Bar 2x3R,L 20kg

Scapula pulls 3x5 with purple JS Band

Off to do R Phase now

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tonights 5x5 session

A1.Double MP

A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS

B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l

Complete A section before moving to B section. I used the 24s

Starting 5x5 program for the next 4 weeks


A1.Double MP
A2. Alternating RR

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l


A1. Double Floor Press
A2. Double rows

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Snatches

TGU 2x5R,L


A1. Seated MP
A2. RR

B1. Double FS
B2. Double Swings

Double Windmill 2x5r,l

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays

Shoulder Mobility

Clubbells as active rest

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Today's session

PHA Circuit

Double C&P 5

Double rows 6

Double Front squats 10

Double swings 8

Sit ups 5

minimal rest between exercises, 1 min rest between rounds. Completed 5 rounds. Used 24s