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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

12.30.09 - Wednesday - density Cycle - Hammer swings.. Also back to the Warrior Diet

TCBBB - Intu-flow warmup

Density cycle
Hammer swings - 1x100 - 15# - 50CW, 50CCW

Circuit - Completed 2 rounds - 2 minutes between rounds
30s - dbl jerks - 24kgs
30s - Quad Squats
30s R/L - bent rows - 40kg
30s - 2H swings - 40kg
30s R/L - dbl cb Bulgarian split squats - 15s
30s Trinity Squats
30s cb sit-ups -15

My heart was pounding after these - I used some of the recovery breathing from KB Foundation. I really need to get RESET, but Clubbels first.. I can't wait until the 25# ones re back in stock

KB Foundation Prasara
Neck Rolls
Sleeping warrior to Down Dog to Up dog
Rabbit to Camel - I suck at this one
Seal walk
Elbow lever - I am really having an issue with this. Part of it is my stubborn fat, but I can't get my elbow to my hip bone
Kneeling side Bend
seated spinal twist - suck again
wind removing
shin box switches

Oh yeah... I am back on the Warrior Diet today... I have been free with my eating since 12.20.09...It's time to reel it back in 


nate b said...

nice workout. have a great new year!

Unknown said...

You careful if you are out tonight...Happy New Year